Junji Sakamoto’s Ernesto Teaser Trailer


Odagiri Joe made a movie speaking Spanish. WOAH.

The short teaser of Ernesto (エルネスト) begins with Odagiri telling Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara (Juan Miguel Valero Acosta) that “he wants to be like him,” in pretty decent accent (though we’ll see in longer chunks of dialog), if I may add. He’s playing Ernesto Freddy Maemura, a nikkei Japanese-Bolivian, who fought alongside Che Guevara during the Revolution.

Junji Sakamoto (A Chorus of Angels) adapted the story from El Samurai de la Revolucion by Maemura’s sister, Mary Maemura, which is possibly the third Japan-Cuba co-production after Kazuo Kuroki’s A Cuban Lover (キューバの恋人) in 1969 [1], and the documentary La Novia de Akira in 2011 [1], and marks the 50th anniversary of their executions in Bolivia.

Ernesto is set for an October 6th release in Japan, and an October 9th release in Cuba, the death anniversary of Che Guevara.

Apparently, the film has plans for a release in Central America, South America and Europe. No fixed dates, though.


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