Jodorowsky’s Poesia Sin Fin Trailer (NSFW) with French Subtitles

The French trailer for Alejandro Jodorowsky’s Poesia Sin Fin (known in English as Endless Poetry) is out ahead of the film’s release in France on October 5th. It’s a follow-up on Jodorowsky’s biographical film The Dance of Reality (La Danza de la Realidad), which followed his early unhappy and alienated life in a coastal town on the edge of the Chilean desert.

In Poesia Sin Fin, he continues to narrate the years of his youth, freeing himself from his limitations and family, and how he was introduced into the bohemian artistic circle of 1940s Chile.

Alejandro Jodorowsky, as well as his sons Adan and Brontis, feature on the film. Adan will play a version of Alejandro, while Jeremias Herskovits is back as the young Alejandro.

The film has been going through the film festival, and France is its first commercial release. It also will be featured at this year’s Vancouver International Film Festival, with a premiere on that same October 5th.

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