Japanese Girls Never Die Trailer

My first reaction to this was “Ugh~~~~~~~ it looks so GOOD!!!

After much deliberation, we finally have the official English title, Japanese Girls Never Die (アズミ・ハルコは行方不明), when the film was announced to compete at this year’s edition [currently on] of the Tokyo International Film Festival.

But honestly, the title should be “Japanese girls are scary AF” xD And there’s an animated sequence (?!?!), we get our first look at Ryo Kase, and Yu Aoi taking a puff. Now I need an imaginary Japanese remake of Love in a Puff, starring her, which would take place in a near-future Japan that’s banned smoking. lol

As you’ve noticed, this post is pure ramblings. If you’d like to make more sense of the movie, please, head over to the Teaser post.

The film is expected to hit Japanese theaters on December 3rd.


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