I Have to Buy New Shoes Trailer

It’s always good to get the chance to see Nakayama Miho (Love Letter) on screen, as she seldom does it. She’s only done one movie (Sayonara Itsuka, サヨナライツカ) in this new millennium, which was based on the novel written by her husband Jinsei Tsuji, whom she married and has been living in France with since 2002.

I Have to Buy New Shoes (or Atarashii Kutsu wo Kawanakucha, 新しい靴を買わなくちゃ) follows freelancer writer Aoi (Nakayama), who lives in Paris, and Sen (Mukai Osamu), a photographer who comes to Paris at the insistance of his younger sister Suzume (Mirei Kiritani). In the next three days, Aoi and Sen fall in love while Suzume begins to deal with her long-distance relationship with Kango (Gou Ayano).

Produced by Shunji Iwai, Atarashii Kutsu was written and directed by Eriko Kitagawa… who I don’t trust at all because I didn’t like her Iwai-produced debut, Halfway, even though it was considered a success. She’s also to blame for the story in Sunao ni Narenakute.

But Nakayama Miho is probably enough to bring in the crowds, alongside Mukai Osamu fans.

I Have to Buy New Shoes will be released on October 6th in Japan, with possible releases in Hong Kong and across other East Asian countries.

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