I Ai (2015 Tamil Film) Teaser

Sometimes, I swear, people just choose titles for films so they’re impossible to pirate in the future. It’s also a huge problem with search engines and the “googleability” [1] of a film, when it’s titled simply I (ஐ, Ai), but I guess production companies can pay search engines. LOL

Anyway, I’ve actually only seen two films with Vikram, but I like him enough, and my journey through Indian Film [1] has shown me the way to Tamil films, in a way that I do enjoy them… so I’ll watch anything given the chance, which isn’t my case with Telugu films. Not my cup of tea. But Tamil? BRING THEM ON!

I Ai (to avoid confusions) is a Tamil epic romance fantasy action thriller (you read that right!) with -what looks like- flashy cinematography, fighting choreography from China, big colorful musical numbers… I see a robot, there, somewhere; all topped with music by A.R. Rahman (last seen in The Hundred-Foot Journey). What’s not to like???

A couple of observations: First, there’s scenes and production shooting in China, is ஐ just a clever way to just say 爱 (Ai, Love [zing!])… because it’s a LOVE story, get it? And the Tamil script actually looks like two hearts (kinda) opposite each other. And they’re red! Too much over-thinking? xD Happy accidents?

Next: I’ve seen it happen from time to time in China and India. You guys pick pretty people who can’t speak the language properly, make them act, and then dub them over. Though China did that with Maggie Q, her stardom isn’t so bright there. I don’t know a single Chinese (or Asian in general) who likes Maggie Q, but you guys- you guys, India in general, you guys made Katrina Kaif. LOL And now are bringing her sister in. I’m interested in seeing what work Amy Jackson has done to see whether to meet this with more than one grain of salt. xD

Brownie points and cookies to Jenna~

Anyway, enjoy the crazy trailer.

I’ll reserve proper tagging once I actually watch the movie. Until then, I’m tagging this as a sci-fi fantasy, coz there’s a freaking woman-motorbike-robot in there, and Vikram is a beast.


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