HBO’s Game Change Teaser

I know everyone’s having a blast with The Hobbit, or having fun discussing whether or not you are in love with Anne Hathaway as Catwoman or if you want to punch her in the face.

How about HBO’s upcoming Game Change then?

Sarah Palin is having a blast having hot geek Tina Fey “making fun” of her in SNL, in a sketch that — let’s be honest — was huge for both Fey and Palin. Now, she gets to be played by one of the best actresses, Julianne Moore. As much as you hate Palin, she’s got that on you. She’s played by two hot bitches. We are not. People don’t even make short films about us.

Unlike the book by Mark Helperin, in which they talk about the whole presidential campaign of 2008, showing the strengths and weaknesses of all parties involved, HBO’s Game Change seems like it will follow the John McCain (Ed Harris) campaign for presidency when he decided to put a then unknown Palin as his VP, what that entailed for his campaign and the rest of what became Sarah Palin.

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