Gulaab Gang Trailer with English Subtitles

You know -or maybe you don’t- that I’ve been loving Madhuri Dixit for the past few months, however, I wasn’t paying much attention to Gulaab Gang. I wasn’t at the point in which I could get excited about new projects because I didn’t know anyone… until I saw THIS POSTER. Crazy jumping Madhuri Dixit will kill you with her sickles.

I had to, of course, watch THAT.

Then the promotion for Dedh Ishqiya happened [1][2][3][4], and the news that the trailer for Gulaab Gang would be included in the Dedh Ishqiya shows [1][2][3].

And voila! Lo and behold~

I can already tell I’m gonna freaking love it.

Directed by debuting Soumik Sen, Gulaab Gang centers on a group of female vigilantes , loosely based on the Gulabi Gang [WATCH: Pink Saris] who fight social injustice against women by condemning child marriages, dowry deaths and domestic violence inflicted by both the husband and in-laws.

The cast is rounded up by Divya Jagdale, Priyanka Bos, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Shilpa Shukla, and… Juhi Chawla, making it the first time the two iconic 90s stars share the screen together [1]. It’s a big selling point.

Gulaab Gang is set to open on March 7th in India.

And, OW! Tabu could’ve been here [1].

And… how about that subtitle request?

— Jan. 16, 2014 Update —

Subtitles are here.

— EDIT April 28th 2014 —

Check out our interview with director Soumik Sen.


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