Guan Hu’s Mr. Six Trailer with English Subtitles

I’ll be honest, this trailer looks like a mess… though most Chinese movie trailers do. If Cow and The Chef, The Actor, The Scoundrel are any indication… I trust Guan Hu to entertain me and surprise, even though it’s received a lukewarm response. Although, his last film wasn’t applauded and I loved it.

Guan Hu already stuns here by casting renown Chinese filmmaker Feng Xiaogang as the lead, playing an old-school gangster who’s trying to defend his dumb punk son (Li Yifeng), who’s stirring up a turf war with the newly-anointed leader of another gang. Think Spielberg as an actor in a stylish gangster film.

Mr. Six (老炮儿) also stars Zhang Hanyu, (ex-EXO) Kris Wu, Xu Qing, Liu Hua, and Liang Jing.

It opens in China on December 24th, because nothing says Merry Christmas like violence! It’s also probably expected to open in limited cities in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the US.


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