Frontera Azul Teaser Trailer

The first teaser for Frontera Azul, directed by Jorge Carmona and Tito Köster, is out featuring breathtaking shots of Alaska, Namibia, Indonesia, Tahiti and Peru, where the stories take place through the constant presence of water as a metaphor of life and death.

Produced and featuring Peruvian surfer Jonathan Gubbins [1], Frontera Azul features local actors in each of their sequences, and took 5 years to make [1]. Though they’ve yet to release the actual names of the actors, you can see their photos on the film’s website.

Atka, an Inuit fisherman that lives isolated from the world in the Arctic, fights to keep his lifelong partner, Aga, alive in her deathbed. According to Inuit folklore, when people die, a part of their souls returns in a newborn relative. Without their own offspring or close family, she ends up in a mysterious journey through different people who also have a close bond with the ocean.

Frontera Azul is schedule for a 2017 release in Peru.

You can keep updated on the movie’s official Facebook page.

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