Feng Xiaogang’s 1942 Teaser Trailer with English Subtitles

The first teaser for Feng Xiaogang’s (Aftershock) Henan famine historical drama simply titled 1942, or Remembering 1942 in its tentative title in English, has been released.

— EDIT —

According to this new upload by 2cekidhk, the official title in English will be Back to 1942.

The film stars Feng Xiaogang’s muse, Fan Xu — who also starred in Feng’s record-breaking drama Aftershock — as well as Zhang Hanyu (Assembly, Bodyguards and Assassins) and Academy Award winners Tim Robbins and Adrien Brody, in relatively smaller roles. It is based on the novel by Zhenyun Liu — who also adapted it to the screen, revolves around the devastating 1942 famine in China’s Henan province that killed more than 3 million people, at the last lag of Japan’s invasion of the country during World War II.

With a production timeline of nearly 18 years and a budget of $30M USD, Huayi Brothers has been attached to the project since its inception in 1993. They are hoping for a late 2012 release.