Dream High 2 – Teaser

It’s finally here! The teaser to the follow-up of the drama that I adore so much, Dream High!

I am very much excited. I adored Kang So Ra in Sunny. She was so kick-ass. Also, my personal favorite, Kim Tae Jung, is acting as the new principal of Kirin Art High School. The man is an amazing actor and great at comedy. I’m all giddy about him doing this project. Park Jin-Young (JYP) is back from Season 1 and there has been promises of the old cast doing some cameos here and there.

I guess we shall wait and see what Dream High 2 has to offer, they do have some big shoes to fill in my opinion.



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1 Response

  1. amy says:

    this trailer needs more Kahi dancing. LOL

    Having said that – I dunno what epi are they on, but IU is so cute. LOL How tall is she anyway? She looks like she’s the size of a porcelain doll xD