Dear White People Concept Trailer

First-time feature director Justin Simien is preparing Dear White People, a satire based on Simien’s own experiences at a predominately white university.

Dear White People follows the stories of four black students at an Ivy League college where a riot breaks out over a popular “African American” themed party thrown by white students. With tongue planted firmly in cheek, the film will explore racial identity in “post-racial” America while weaving a universal story of forging one’s unique path in the world.

This prosiming project (by the look of that attention-grabing trailer) is in early stages and the production team has recently reached (and surpassed) their $25,000 fundraising goal to cover their pre-production costs through an effective campaign. But there’s a little under a month for the alloted time to be over, so if you want, you can still donate at their Indiegogo page HERE.

For more info, check their Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter.


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6 Responses

  1. amy says:

    yay! Have you donated yet?

    • mirella says:

      @amy, Can’t. My credit card doesn’t work internationally apparently :(

      • amy says:

        @mirella, what? how is that even possible? What bank is it so I don’t get one with them?

        • mirella says:

          @amy, BCP.

        • amy says:

          Oh, but BCP isn’t really a credit card, right? I mean, it’s neither Visa or Master… so it’s just sorta like a vessel. LOL I don’t know, like a card where you can store money, but not in an international standard or something?

          If you have a bank account #, you can maybe use Paypal? But setting up that account is also sort of a hassle. xD

  2. mirella says:

    @amy, It’s a Mastercard from BCP, when I tried it keep saying there was a problem.

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