Cuaron’s Gravity Teaser Trailer

Besides the string of films other YAM Magazine writers are keeping tabs on, there are only just a couple of films I’ve been dying to see this year- one of them in Stoker (which won’t be released down here T_T), another one being Snowpiercer, and then there was Cuaron’s Gravity because, well, it’s Cuaron.

The first official teaser trailer (of the length of an actual trailer) is here and doesn’t disappoint at all. I’m only on the crappy computer and I’ve already seen it a couple of times, and I’m probably gonna get a HD copy to replay and replay on my high definition TV because I want to marvel at it. LOL

This is me we’re talking here, the one who spent 30 minutes watching the Cloud Atlas Extended First Look over and over.

Gravity stars Sandra Bullock (pretty fresh off her Blind Side gig because we’re all ignoring Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close) and George Clooney… and apparently it also features the voice of Ed Harris [1]. Gravity will be released in October this year.

And in case you’re wondering… I’m also waiting for Only God Forgives, Elysium [1][2] and The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.


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  1. Rodrigo says:

    My interest on Gravity isn’t as very high as it is forElysium and Only God Forgives, but the teaser is intriguing. Wonder how the rest will play out.