Carrie (2013) Teaser Trailer

The 2013 remake of Stephen King’s novel Carrie marks the third time that the classic novel gets a film adaptation, following the 1976 verson directed by Brian De Palma and a 2002 TV film by NBC. A trailer for the 2013 remake, directed by Kimberly Peirce (Boys Don’t Cry), has made its way online.

The trailer seems to indicate that the 2013 remake will be more faithful to the book, as Carrie (Chöle Moretz) not only sets her high school on fire, but we also get to see the entire town burning to the ground.

The cast is rounded out with Julianne Moore, Judy Greer, Portia Doubleday, Alex Russell, Gabrielle Wilde and Ansel Elgort.

Carrie goes to the prom on March 15, 2013.

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