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Machiko Ono’s funny on screen is back on Bali Big Brother (神様はバリにいる, Kamisama wa BARI ni Iru) — literally translated to God Is in Bali — as she once again plays a character drowning in debt. Based on the novel by Sho Kuroiwa,  it follows Sachiko (Ono) who, riddled with debt in Japan, decides to go to Bali where she meets a rich entrepreneur known as Aniki (which literally means Big Brother -hence the English title- played by Shinichi Tsutsumi), who will inspire Sachiko to work hard and be successful.

The movie was announced to shoot in location in Bali back in 2013 [1], where real-life Aniki, Maruo Takatoshi (丸尾孝俊), had made his fortune and inspired people to achieve success in life. However, days after the news of the movie came up, this story on the Jakarta Globe was published linking Takatoshi’s name to a human trafficking case [1]. If you do a search, nothing else comes up.

Curious, very curious.

The cast is rounded up with Hiroshi Tamaki, Naoto Inti Raymi, and Nanao.

Kamisama wa Bali ni Iru opens in Japan on January 17th, 2015.

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