Japanese Girls Never Die Teaser Trailer

Since there’s a bit of confusion on what the English title for AZUMI HARUKO wa Yukuefumei (アズミ・ハルコは行方不明) is— there are currently two IMDb [1][2] for the project under the titles “Haruko Azumi is Missing” and “Japanese Girls Never Die,” as well as the YesAsia title “Lonely Girl Has Gone;” I’ll be simply referring to the film as “Azumi Haruko.

As I stated back in October, it has taken 7-8 years for Japanese Yu Aoi to get back on that “leading lady” horse, and she’s doing it with this live-action adaptation of Yamauchi Mariko’s (山内 マリコ) book of the same name. It’s been directed (and likely adapted by) Daigo Matsui (松居大悟), and also stars actress Mitsuki Takahata and musician Ishizaki Huwie (石崎ひゅーい), who also has provided a music video titled Flower Vase (花瓶の花, Kabin no Hana) [MV], which is Japan-restricted :( [1]

Note: If anyone can download or has a working (non-geoblocked) link of the video, share it with me!

The film centers around the life of an OL (office lady) that suddenly disappears, but her disappearance is parodied with her missing posters.

There’s also an alternate upload on the MovieCollectionJP YouTube channel, in case the official Phantom upload goes missing… which tends to happen with a lot of Japanese stuff.

Azumi Haruko is expected to hit theaters on December 2016, though it’s also set to close the Shinjuku Cinema Qualite Film Festival (新宿シネマカリテの映画祭) in Tokyo, as part of the Qualite Fantastic! Cinema Collection 2016 (カリテ・ファンタスティック!シネマコレクション2016) [1].


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  1. October 27, 2016

    […] After much deliberation, we finally have the official English title, Japanese Girls Never Die (アズミ・ハルコは行方不明), when the film was announced to compete at this year’s edition [currently on] of the Tokyo International Film Festival. […]

  2. November 7, 2016

    […] After much deliberation, we finally have the official English title, Japanese Girls Never Die (アズミ・ハルコは行方不明), cuando la cinta fue anunciada en la sección de competencia en la edición más reciente [que se lleva a cabo esta semana] del Festival de Cine de Tokyo. […]

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