Asu Mare 2! (2015) Teaser Trailer

I didn’t end up hating Asu Mare, despite heading into the theater ready to hate it. I haven’t experienced a second viewing, but its popularity polarizes me. I won’t deny its importance  and influence in Peruvian cinema (in box office terms and also getting cinemas to air more local films on screen), yet the people who raved about this being the greatest or funniest thing ever rubbed me the wrong way.

Anyways, the success of the Asu Mare film adaptation in the box office inevitably led to a sequel, whose trailer was released online today.

The only things to gather about this teaser trailer is that a love story (and a wedding) will drive the film, some of its previous cast and crew members are set to return and that Asu Mare 2! will be released sometime during April 2015.

You can see on Youtube that some moviegoers are already raging that this will hurt the screenings of Furious 7 (LOL) and I can’t blame them considering Iron Man 3 performed at the Peruvian box office with less than half of what Asu Mare did because every single damn cinema had half of its screenings with Asu Mare on it. From that standpoint, while I might see the film at some point, I kinda want this to premiere on the same day that Avengers: Age of Ultron premieres in my country. I wish. Nah, Tondero Films might premiere it 2-3 weeks before the Avengers return to the big screen here. That’s kind of how they can brag about beating Tony Stark’s third film. But if Asu Mare 2! somehow inserts an LGBT storyline within its running time, Age of Ultron stands a chance at topping the Peruvian box office charts for the right and wrong reasons.


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