Ann Hui’s The Golden Era Trailer with English Subtitles

Ann Hui’s latest has a trailer with subtitles!

However, as most Chinese trailers (or Asia, in general), it’s not as interesting as… let’s say, this EVER gorgeous poster of the movie. Simply titled The Golden Era (黄金时代), it chronicles the lives of writers Xiao Hong (Tang Wei) and Xiao Jun (Feng Shaofeng), two of the most important writers in 20th century China, in the midst of the politically-charged 1930s.

Shot in more than five cities in China, and costing a bit over $10M USD (70M Yuan) [1], it fulfills Hui’s near four-decade dream to do a feature on the author’s life, that will not solely focus on her love life.

The cast is rounded up by Zhu Yawen, Hao Lei, Tian Yuan and Wang Qianyuan.

The Golden Era is set to close this year’s Venice Film Festival on September 6th, and open in China on October 1st.

And… if I dare to be bold, it should be China’s entry to the Academy Awards in the upcoming edition, because- DUH! Or maybe I’m overestimating The Academy and they won’t like Ann Hui. But even bad Ann Hui is generally better than other movies.


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