Airlift Teaser Trailer

I’m not a big fan of Akshay Kumar, especially of his style of comedy, but I do admit I’ve enjoyed him doing action films— Holiday would’ve been solid if it hadn’t been for the whole plot with Sonakshi, and Baby was pretty boss. Special 26 was pretty good, too, so yeah- I dig serious fist-pumping Akki.

Airlift seems to be on the same vein- a thriller based on a true event, when during the Iraq invasion of Kuwait in 1990, Air India sent a civil airline to evacuate a total of 111,711 people from Amman to Mumbai; an operation that still holds the Guinness World Record.

The film was written and directed by Raja Menon (credited as Raja Krishna Menon), and also stars Nimrat Kaur.

Airlift is set to open January 22nd next year.


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