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We all love streaming music and movies, but how often do we still find ourselves on our phones or doing something else that helps keep our “hands busy”? What if, instead of wasting that time scrolling endlessly through social media, we could seize the opportunity to create something now and special? That’s where We Are Knitters comes into the picture.

We Are Knitters designs and creates fashion-forward DIY knitting kits for every skill level of fabric enthusiast. Want to knit your own beanie while binge watching your favorite Netflix series? There’s a beginner kit for that. Streaming music on Spotify while waiting for your train? That’s the perfect opportunity to knit your own scarf.

With our worlds becoming more and more integrated with the Internet and streaming, why not combine these incredible advances in technology with an art that has been around for centuries? With all the positive effects that knitting has on our health (mentally and physically), it’s no wonder that “knitflix” is becoming an increasingly popular trend around the world. If you’re not sure how to begin with the “Netflix and knit” phenomenon, here’s your quick and easy guide to getting started:

  • Find your favorite kit – if knitting is a new hobby for you, we recommend starting with a small project, such as a hat. Already know how to knit, why not test your skills with a sweater or pillow?
  • Choose your favorite series or movie. If this is your first project, you may want to spend some time with our video tutorials before really diving into your session. We also recommend starting with a movie or series that you love and can initially pay less attention to.
  • Get started and watch your new project develop – along with your series or playlist!
  • Did you make a mistake while knitting? No problem – it just gives you an excuse to spend more time on your series ;)
  • Finish your project! Don’t forget to tag your pictures on Instagram with #weareknitters and #knitflix for your chance to be reposted on our feed

If you love listening to music and relaxing, you can apply this methodology to your favorite playlist. If you’re looking for some new music to keep your knitting in rhythm, check out our Spotify channel for great playlists for every level and style of knitter.

Ready to get knitting but not sure where to start?

Enter our giveaway for $60 to spend at on your new favorite kit! Can’t wait for the giveaway? Use the code YAMWAK to save 20% on your first We Are Knitters order today!

Note: The giveaway ends on January 30th, and the coupon code is valid until February 3rd, 2017.

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