Zhao Lei – The Southern Girl

Born in 1986 in Beijing, China, Zhao Lei (雷子) participated on the Quick Sketch Thru Music (速写穿乐) compilation in 2009 with The Winter of Beijing (北京的冬天). He later was signed in 2010 and has released songs like People’s Homes (人家) and The Southern Girl (南方姑娘).

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  1. ROXY says:

    Why does this call out to all my social constructs?! ‘Must be wife’ ‘Must be mother’ ‘Must love family’ hehehehe It’s a beautiful video and song really. But it seriously made feel like “Aaww I want something like that someday.”

    • amy says:

      @ROXY, I think folk music that talks about traditions and and things like that always get you. Plus, the girl in the video is really really cute.

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