Yoga Lin – Spoiled Innocence

Yoga Lin’s latest music video features Japanese actress Nana Komatsu (The World of Kanako) in a tragic love story, directed by Daisuke Shimada (島田大介) [Qotori Film]. Spoiled Innocence (天真有邪) was written by lyricist Wyman Wong, with Lin’s composition.

Composed by: Yoga Lin
Lyrics by: Wyman Wong
Producer: Arai Soichiro (荒井十一)
Music & Strings Arranger: Zhao Zhao (趙兆)
Drums: Arai Soichiro
Bass: Han Yang (韓陽)
Piano: Zhao Zhao
Guitar: Xue Feng (薛峰)
Chorus Arranger: Yoga Lin, Arai Soichiro
Chorus: Yoga Lin
Strings: International Master Philharmonic Orchestra (國際首席愛樂樂團)
Mixed: Zhao Jing (趙靖)@Big.J Studio
Drums recorded by: Li Zhuo (李卓)@TweakToneLab Studio, Beijing
Bass recorded by: Lei Zhang Hang (雷長航)@TweakToneLab Studio, Beijing
Strings recorded by: Li Wei (李巍)@總政錄音棚, 北京
Vocal, BV recorded by: Ni Han Wen (倪涵文)@TweakToneLab Studio, Beijing

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  1. That was really good. I need to look up more work by this artist!

  2. Nill Newt says:

    such a good song, and a fine clip with a fave of mine

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