Yoga Lin – Let It Die

While participating on the latest season of Mainland China’s King of Masked Singer (蒙面歌王) [1], Yoga Lin keeps on promoting his most recent album, Sell Like Hot Cakes (今日營業中) [iTunes], with the video for Let It Die (讓世界毀滅, which literally means “let the world be destroyed“), which was directed by Chang Ching YU.

Composed by: Zheng Nan (鄭楠)
Lyrics by: Xu Min Ling (徐旻鈴), Zheng Nan (鄭楠)
Producer: Howe Chen (陳君豪), Yoga Lin (林宥嘉)
Arranger: Howe Chen (陳君豪)
Guitar, Piano, Synth: Howe Chen (陳君豪)
Drums: Alvin Chiang (江尚謙)
Chorus Arranger: Yoga Lin (林宥嘉), Zheng Nan (鄭楠)
Chorus: Yoga Lin (林宥嘉)
Recording Engineer: AJ Chen (陳文駿) [人聲], 王永鈞 Chief (鼓組)
Recording Studio: 強力錄音室 Mega Force Recording Studio
Mixing Engineer: 趙靖 Juergen
Mixing Studio: Big.J Studio

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