Yen Town Band – AINONE

One of everyone’s favorite fictitious bands (the other ones being PARANMAUM and Lily Chou Chou), YEN TOWN BAND, straight out of Shunji Iwai’s 1996 film Swallowtail Butterfly (スワロウテイル), is back.

Chara, who played Glico –the prostitute leader of the band, is back in rotoscope version, which seems to be Shunji Iwai’s thing at the moment. The new song titled AINONE (アイノネ), also produced by Takeshi Kobayashi, comes nearly 20 years after the release of Montage (モンタージュ), which was released alongside the film, and will be released in a digital remastered version.

Apparently, the song features Acidman’s Ohki Nobuo, Creephyp’s Ozaki Sekaikan, Salyu, back number’s Iyori Shimizu, miwa, among others.

The single is already available on iTunes.

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