Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege (NSFW)

— Editor’s Note–

There may be some NSFW content. Depictions of nearly a witch hunt, implied sex (Lily Cole’s side boob), and quite a big chunk of the video is making out (but there’s a storyline!).

So the Yeah Yeah Yeahs are back. You know you love that for some reason because they’ve had their good string of albums, and even if you don’t listen to their albums, they’ve had decent singles out to get regular radio play in the most mundane of “alternative” radios. Karen O has also done work for Where the Wild Things Are, and everyone’s favorite alternative non-mainstream mainstream film, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and you know you loved her version of the Immigrant Song [1].

Too bad Sacrilege is the only awesome song in a rather soggy Mosquito.

The music video, which features a reverse storyline of a promiscuous Lily Cole, was directed by French directors collective Megaforce. We still LOVE Is Tropical’s The Greek [MV], by the way. But this one is pretty good also.

Mosquito will be available this coming Tuesday.

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