World’s End Girlfriend – Plein Soleil

Japanese musical project World’s End Girlfriend nearly six years after the release of their last studio album, Seven Idiots, though they’ve also composed the score for Taiwanese film Starry Starry Night (星空) a year after that.

Plein Soleil is the first single of their upcoming album, LAST WALTZ, which comes out at the end of the month on November 26th. It’s already available for pre-order, though the Japanese version that comes withan Oshibana (押し花, pressed flower) is already sold out.

Music: world’s end girlfriend
Cast: Kyoko Hinami (日南響子)
Vocal: Shione Yukawa (湯川潮音)
Director/Editor: Yohei Saito (rokapenis)
Camera: Yosuke Torii
Camera Assistant: Ryuichi Taniura
Flowers Direction: ahi.相壁 琢人
Hair & Make-up: SHIZUE
Styling: Tatsuya Shimada

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