World’s End Girlfriend featuring Yukawa Shione – Storytelling

Katsuhiko Maeda’s musical project as World’s End Girlfriend has been in charge of composing the music for films like Air Doll, as well as having a discography spanning over ten albums. This discography includes their successful 2010 album, Seven Idiots, with single Les Enfants du Paradis [MV].

Last year, they were in charge of the music in Taiwan’s surprise coming of age hit, Starry Starry Night, for which World’s End Girlfriend is releasing the album alongside this video for their piece Storytelling, with images of the film courtesy of director Tom Lin and edited together by Yohei Saito (Rokapenis) and World’s End Girlfriend.

Virgin Babylon is taking orders for the album, which will be out on April 13th. You can listen to a short preview of the album on Virgin Babylon’s YouTube upload.

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  1. Adrienne Lew says:

    Thanks Amy for the recommendation. Must check this out just for the sake of The Starry Night …!

  2. bumbledoor says:

    What a visual (and audial) feast.

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