Wonder Girls – Like This

The Wonder Girls’ newest single Like This has been released. The song is the lead single off their latest mini-album, Wonder Party, set for release tomorrow — June 3rd.

Like This is a cutsie little dance number that’s sure to make all the members of their fanbase swoon and coo with unbridled happiness. It’s nothing new or fascinating, nothing original (seeing as the music is a blatant rip-off of Beyonce’s Get Me Bodied); however, the video is cute enough and the dance simple enough to get Kpop fans moving.

The upside? There are so many cute kids in this video it’s enough to make you want to adopt a country.

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  1. amy says:

    Reminds me of Glee. LOL That episode when they go to the yard and then sing – the one episode when Santana and the cheerleaders light up the piano. LOL xD

    • Camiele says:

      @amy, …yyyyyyyyyyeah I have no idea what you’re talking about… HaHa. But I’ll take your word for it. I don’t watch Glee, never have watched Glee, never WILL watch Glee… so, yeah… HaHa.

      • amy says:

        @Camiele, LOL. The 9 episodes of Glee were good. Never say never (at the risk of sounding cheesy). xD I think this is the first time I see WG not been glam. O_O

        I listened to their latest album on my Korean Air flight hahaha – I liked… REALLY liked one of their songs, and it turned out to be a cover. LOL

        • Camiele says:

          @amy, HaHA. Ain’t it hilarious how that tends to happen. But, yeah, I’ve never listend to the Wonder Girls before so I don’t know anything about them. If you didn’t already know, I kinda have shied away from Kpop girl groups.

        • amy says:

          @Camiele, WG have just a few singles xD their Nobody single is mad catchy (So Hot and Tell Me being catchy in a lesser way). The song I was referring to is called Me, in from their Wonder World (such an original name) album. It’s a cover of Shin Jung-hyeon’s The Beauty (미인)… or I guess – it samples the song, really.

  2. Camiele says:

    @amy, Ah. Should I give them a shot? I’m rather picky about Kpop girl groups. You know I dig BEG and MissA. I like Sunny Hill too, but they’re a co-ed group, ne? I’d like to give the ladies more of a chance. There’s just too much bubblegum for me.

    • amy says:

      @Camiele, well… I’m hardly who you should talk to. I only own 4 different Korean artists’ music… BEG, Seo Taiji, SunnyHill… and because I couldn’t find more BEG stuff, 2NE1. LOL

      • Camiele says:

        @amy, HAHA. Welp! Guess I’ll be asking Julz what she thinks. I already know I’m not a fan of 2NE1. But… anyway, as far as WG goes, I’m not really impressed… if this MV’s anything to go by.

        • amy says:

          @Camiele, go watch Nobody. LOL And even if 2NE1 is not your cup of tea, their MV for Go Away is a really good one. And I really like Try to Follow Me and Clap your Hands. LOL Even if my dad doesn’t like the autotune, he likes 2NE1 hahahaha – I think he’s a fan on Facebook. xD

        • Julyssa Diaz says:

          @Camiele, WG is nice but it’s all so meeeh really. There are some few good songs there, a few good vocals but that is about it.

  3. Julyssa Diaz says:

    I am so disappointed with this song and video and I am not really sure as to why. Can be my JYP fam loyalty or the fact that this sounds so different from other JYP productions. Me think papa JYP is really trying to stretch his musical legacy. Anyway, the dance is cute. Something tells me that the WG are trying to create another dance phenomena as they did with their song “Tell Me”.

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