Wang Feng – Existence

Wang Feng (汪峰) is a rock&roller in Mainland China — we’re talking a rock star in an Asian music scene where people think things are just pop. Wang Feng is mostly rock and some of those soft rock ballads. He’s pretty famous — he was one of the many faces featured in that Beijing Welcomes You [1] music video, which is kind of your best intro guide to anything that is Chinese music.

I came to learn of him — or I guess, his voice — on LiveJournal where someone gave me the chance to check out his 2009 album, Belief Flies in the Wind (信仰在空中飘扬), one of my favorite surprises that year — you can listen to it on Xiami. In fact, his song In the Spring (春天里) [translated lyrics] became a really big hit covered on different shows by a lot of different people [1] [2].

Apparently, Wang Feng released a 2-disc album entitled Life Asks for Nothing (生无所求) on November 25th. The first single from the album is Existence (存在). The song is Wang Feng’s sound and style.


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  1. December 14, 2016

    […] Beijing indie rock vibe, which Wang Feng uses so effectively to floor everyone so often [1][2][3]. However, the best moment comes with the next track, Hope You Have Someone to Talk to in Long […]

  2. December 14, 2016

    […] como Wang Feng utiliza tan efectivamente para llegar al sentimiento de todos tan seguido [1][2][3]. Sin embargo, el mejor momento del álbum llega con el siguiente tema, Espero que Tengas a Alguien […]

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