Waa Wei – Run! Frantic Flowers!

I’m a little behind on my posting, mainly coz I didn’t want to spoil my WHOLE Top50 Songs list. Waa released the video for my favorite track in her album of the same name Run! Frantic Flowers! (末路狂花), which turns out to have been written by Francis Lee. The stylish red squared music video was directed by Wy Chan of YAMANYAMO.

Lyrics: Francis Lee (李焯雄)
Composers: Waa Wei (魏如萱) / Likang Han (韓立康) / Shuo Hsiao (蕭賀碩)
Producer: George Chen (陳建騏)
Vocal Producer: Waa Wei (魏如萱)
Arranger: Likang Han (韓立康)
Guitar: Likang Han (韓立康)
Drums: Peter Lai (賴聖文)
Bass: Jack Ko (柯遵毓)
Chorus Arranger: Shuo Hsiao (蕭賀碩)
Chorus: Waa Wei (魏如萱)
Recording Engineer: Yi-Lin Chen (陳以霖) / Zen Chien (錢煒安)
Recording Studio: Twin Eyes Studio (大小眼錄音室) / 112F Recording Studio
Mixing Engineer: Mr. K (王俊傑 [小K])
Mixing Studio: Mega Force Studio (強力錄音室)


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