Waa Wei – Only You

Waa Wei is finally officially back! She’s been teasing on social media for the past month or so [1][2][3], and posted the teaser for the video last week [1]. Titled Only You (你啊你啊, Ni Ah Ni Ah), it’s the first single of Waa’s upcoming 5th album titled Run! Frantic Flowers! (末路狂花), and it’s classic Waa.

The song is in Mandarin, but I’m pretty sure it changes to Taiwanese in the chorus after the Ee Eh Oh’s, but it could be something else, since I still don’t recognize Taiwanese. The music video, in charge of Rich Hu (胡瑞財), follows a couple in the last stages of their relationship, and how a one-sided relationship can drain the other that’s feeling trapped.

Run! Frantic Flowers! will be released on November 25th, but you can already download Only You on iTunes and KKBox.


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