Waa Wei – Desert Island Without a Friday

Taiwanese singer composer Waa Wei has released the music video for Desert Island Without a Friday (沒有星期五的無人島), her latest single also containing tracks Broken Love Song (壞掉的戀曲) and Je t’Aime, Moi Non Plus, which has just been released and is available for pre-order on YesAsia.

The main track was written by Waa alongside Li Huang Xiong (黎煥雄) with music by Chen Jian Qi (陳建騏), and an Adobe Photoshop music video directed by Liao Ren Shuai (廖人帥), whose activities you can follow on YouTube.

There’s also a YinYueTai version available.

Waa Wei is also promoting the release of her live concert Waa Sleep (晚安晚安演唱會), a 2-DVD, 2-CD set of her 2012 concert tour, which is also available through YesAsia.

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