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Mamamoo’s agency RBW Rainbow Bridge World is ready to unveil the debut of their boy group Vromance (브로맨스), a portmanteau of the words “brother” and “romance,” but with a ‘V’ for their vocals. They’ve just released their first music video, She (여자 사람 친구), and I’ll leave Amy with the director search headache.

Editor’s Note: Directed by Röntgen [1].

The hot pink video features label mate Hwasa being confused with the drums, and adorable couples and a group of girls dancing to Vromance’s tune, which introduces each member of the group— Park Hyun Kyu (0:26), Lee Chan Dong (0:34), Lee Hyun Seok (0:41) and leader Park Jang Hyun (0:50).

As user Prankcall noted, all members are legal. FYI. Born in ’89 (Jang Hyun), ’91 (Hyun Kyu + Chan Dong) and ’94 (Hyun Seok).

She will be included in the group’s mini titled The Action, which is already available on Melon.

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