VHS or Beta – Breaking Bones (NSFW)

VHS or Beta is a band, now based in Brooklyn, that is about to release their third album, titled Diamonds and Death, on September 27th.

The band has released its first single Breaking Bones, directed by Graham Hill, following the concept of the Tumblr site Pixelfucks Worldwide (NSFW).

You can get a free MP3 of Breaking Bones if you join the VHS or Beta mailing list on their website VHSorBeta.com

Director: Graham Hill
Director of Photography: Zak Mulligan
Makeup Artist: Claudia Lake
Stylist: Devan Markiewicz
Design: Andrew Bernet, Graham Hill
Animation: Daniel Pernikoff, Ben Gabelman
Colorist: Seth Ricart

Female Lead: Alexandra Hellquist
Male Lead: Priest Fontaine

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