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I know I’m late posting this, but bear with me.

On the last week of September, Oil company Shell kicked off the #MakeTheFuture campaign, helping to bring to life innovations from six smart energy start-ups. To promote the movement, they also launched a music campaign that not only includes Jennifer Hudson, Steve Aoki and Pixie Lott, but also Brazilian singer Luan Santana, Nigerian singer Yemi Alade and Mainland singer (Sitar) Tan Weiwei (谭维维), who -let’s be honest- killed it this year with her performance at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

The start-ups include Insolar (that has to do with solar energy); Bio-Bean, which turns coffee into sustainable transport fuel; Capture Mobility, which shows roadside turbulence from vehicles can generate clean power; GravityLight, which uses a pulley and weight system to generate electricity; MotionECO, which uses used cooking oil to create renewable diesel; and Pavegen, which converts power from footsteps into renewable energy [1].

Each of the artists, except for Aoki, featured in the song, also worked on a solo version that show their own colors.

Jennifer Hudson

Pixie Lott

Luan Santana

Yemi Alade

and our favorite~

Tan Weiwei

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