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The pop girl group fad so popular across Asia has finally made it to the Chinese music market. Up Girls, with members Bao Bao (宝宝), Ding Ding (丁丁), Cai Cai (蔡蔡), Ting Ting (婷婷), Meng Meng (萌萌), Xin Xin (心心), and Zhi Ling (志玲), are set to take the CPop scene by storm with their catchy pop tunes about crazy boy love, cute faces, long legs… and some say sync dancing.

With their first single — released on December 28th 2010, but I’m considering this a 2011 release — Love Me Boy, composed by Korean composer Ssengz is obviously a step forward in the common trend to make the CPop scene as hip and cool as the KPop scene — whether you like it or not.

There is also a YinYueTai version available.

What do you think of the video?

Does it look too much like SNSD?

Do the lyrics make your eyes roll?

Yay! Cpop is getting hip and cool?

No, Cpop! Go back!?


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  1. Julili says:

    "quickly do it with me"? *snorts*
    GOD WHAT A HORRIBLE SONG! Guuuuh omfg that was just horrible, horrible, horrible.
    But it was an oki video I guess? Very visual.
    And I see the Korean influence, woah is that plastic surgery city. They don't even look Chinese…
    It doesn't look SNSD, I mean, SNSD may have retarded songs but they are VERY WELL produced. Lyrics may be retarded, but the sound is not, the beats are nice, the hooks are hooking! GEE GEE GEE BABY BABY.
    You won't find me singing "boy love me".
    The lyrics made no sense at all…..
    If Cpop hasn't been hip ad cool, what has it been?

    • Amy says:

      Cpop has beautiful lyrics, not all of course. But unlike Kpop that relies all on catchy poppy sync dance and slickness, commercial Cpop tends to fair better with more pop/rock flare and beautiful lyrics just check Mayday's You're Not Truly Happy, Sodagreen's Incomparable Beauty… but I guess those are more CRock.

      Cpop also has Faye Wong ;D so you could say Cpop is eclectic.

      And actually, they do look Chinese to me… just heavily Kpop-influenced in style. Think the ladies who read the news on CCTV are prettier though LOL! Despite the whack wigs they got on when reading those news… or the wonk wardrobe.

    • Amy says:

      Actually, you can't say the lyrics made no sense at all… we can't just say they lack a hook. The lyrics are as silly as when Super Junior tries singing in Chinese (Ni shi wo de baby girl…. really?), so it goes both ways.

      Even Leehom Wang has his moments… when he goes wacky chinked out music style, he tends to leave lyrics aside. But when he works with lyricists, you get simple ballads like Daily Necessities which have a beautiful simplicity – I mean, who would have known that "firewood rice oil salt soy sauce vinegar tea" could mean "daily necessities" xD and that bit about turning "blue (his plane) into red (the couple's answering machine) because I met you" is kind of genius ~

  2. Julili says:

    Well yeah they make sense but they are just retarded? lol

    Ah Super Junior M, the Korean version is so much better hahaha. But there is not so much what they are saying but a little of how they are saying and the melody of the song. Aw my chupa gal won't u be my baby gal~hahah Nice hook there.

    But Leehom is in a class for himself. Daily Necessities is such an amazing song. Fml it is so simple just carries so much meaning. Like the best of poems…..

  3. Amy says:

    And look at Bibi with her Canned Fish song! I'm still trying to find someone to tell me what the real meaning of it is… or if it's really a song about canned fish. LOL But Bibi owns any of your boybands in vocals… would love to see her collaborating with a Kpop vocal act though – in English. Her English is perfect (in singing, at least), your Kpop act better step it up.

    And we're not even going to speak about Jpop English… *eek*!

  4. Julili says:

    oye, oye, oye. U know I love me some Bibi but u are just not suggesting that she sings better than Xiah Junsu or Kim Jaejoong for that matter.
    There are some better Korean singers but Idk them so well, my dear Karla does. I shall ask her.

    There are some Kpop acts that sing well in English, perhaps not the best singers but they manage not to butcher the language.

    You should really try and learn Chinese, so that you can translate all those BiBi songs to the world.

  5. @ShawnS52 says:

    I miss Cpop but this feels very Korean influenced to me. Actually, know what I miss most of all? S M A L L groups that I might actually stand a chance of keeping straight. :)

  6. Redkyaa says:

    I’m gonna be honest…. NO, just NO.
    I dunno about lyrics but these girls are missing something called flare.
    Though sometimes Kpop tends to have very ridiculous concepts and lyrics, they actual singers tend to have something … I dunno exactly what to call it but flare, charisma and a certain power is their when you watch Kpop girl groups. Even when they’re going for cute, XD

    These girls are pretty, I’m not feeling the song but that aside I’m missing that… pazzazz?

  7. Amy says:

    Really think Junsu should kick is solo style… just to see. Just one solo well-produced solo… full length.

  8. Amy says:

    I know what you mean, I really feel like some umph factor is missing… I think the Chinese entertainment industry should focus on what works for them. I think with a better song composed for Chinese, it'd be better than a Korean composing for Chinese.

  9. Amy says:

    Heh, I like small Chinese groups better too. I don't really think the Kpop "lyrics" translate really too well to Chinese which essentially is a more "poetic/interpretation" language.

    I wouldn't mind the guys from Milk@Coffee getting hired to composed for some of these girl groups though. Imagine a girl group in girly sailor suits singing a sync dancing version of Milk@Coffee's Good Morning or No Time. Would like to see that as an experiment.

  10. Metal70s says:

    The one called Meng Meng is so Hot (hot tempered too). She still dances in a Classical Chinese Dance Troupe in New York, off and on. Mostly off, between healing from Stress Injury and Visa limitations. I miss her most when she is, here, in New York and she is busy, instead of relaxing at her parents home in Shanghai.

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