Unnies – Right?

It’s been an interesting 24hrs with the debut of Unnies’ single hitting an all-kill [1][2][3] (despite ratings) and hitting the #1 spot in several of the major streaming companies, even bumping PSY off the top spot. Last time I checked Naver, Melon, Mnet, Genie and Soribada, Unnies were still holding the #1.

As you know, I’ve been watching a lot of Sister’s Slam Dunk (언니들의 슬램덩크) Season 2 [1], and been loving every minute of it. I love the show so much because it leaves me fluffy butterflies every Friday night, yo! T-T So I had been eagerly awaiting for Unnies’ debut on Music Bank and the music video premiere of Majji? (맞지?); which, to be honest, gave loads of MTV’s Making the Video vibes to this old lady.

I started my night with the VLive, which started 30min. before release time, and extended itself 30min. more. That build-up carried to the early hours of the morning, when the KBS World live Music Bank stream hit a high of 24k viewers all losing their minds when Unnies premiered the Lalala Song (랄랄라 송) [1] and hit us all in the feels with their official stage debut. Everyone felt like proud parents LOL

And here it is, finally, the music video that was unleashed on yesterday’s episode (14), where we saw the going-ons behind the scenes. The episode was glorious, because it also gave us info that the Kpop world doesn’t give us on press releases (at least the ones that get translated into English)— to direct the clip, they asked CF director Jeong Han Sol (정한솔), and to assist on the storyline they got actor An Hyeok-mo (안혁모), who worked to put together the arcs of every new Unnies’ members into a -somewhat- cohesive (yet very entertaining) storyline.

The song, of course, was composed and produced by Kim Hyung-Suk (김형석) with lyrics by Kim Eana. The second season of Sister’s Slam Dunk also featured choreographers Kim Hwayoung (김화영) and Kim Kyu-sang (김규상), who made sure to improve Kang Yewon’s and Han Chaeyoung’s dancing skills~ while vocal coach (and ex-idol) Jang Jin-young (장진영) made sure to get them ready for vocal director Han Won-jong (한원종) in the recording booth~~~ all of whom (except for Eana) participated in the music video, alongside Somi’s father, Matthew, who appears by the end for the “big reveal.

You can support Unnies by streaming the song on Naver, Melon, Mnet, Genie and Soribada. And if you’re an international fan, the single is already available on iTunes and Spotify. Or, you know, you can keep replaying the video above. ;)


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