Union Cinema – Can’t Get Rid Of

Yesterday, I was working late at night on something and in a moment of distraction, I checked out Facebook (98% of the world does this, admit it) and the website suggests me to watch a music video. I clicked on it and this is what I ended up listening to.

Union Cinema is the latest project of ex-Líbido bassist Toño Jáuregui and Antonio Santivañez and not much ago, they released the music video for Can’t Get Rid Of, the English version of their Spanish single A Ser Historia, [MV]. I only found out about this because the black-and-white music video — directed by Rodrigo Ramírez — for the English version (same as the Spanish video) of this song was officially released yesterday. But the duo’s sound is pretty good in my opinion for their debut single.

You can follow the band on Facebook. You can also buy the single on iTunes [English, Spanish].


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