tUnE-yArDs – Bizness

tUnE-yArDs — often styled like that — is the project of New England native Merrill Garbus who often accompanies her act with percussions and an ukulele. She debuted with the 2009 album Bird-Brains, a self-released album that was recorded on recycled tape and a hand-held voice recorder.

Her second album w h o k i l l is set to be released on April 18 and includes the first single, released earlier in the year, Bizness.

The music video, directed by Mimi Cave, is fresh, upbeat fun and different.

3 Responses

  1. amy says:

    Best music video of the year. Ok, it may be a little early to say that, but it’s a pretty rocking song and music video.

  2. ROXY says:

    Dear commercial music industry: THIS IS WHAT EDGY LOOKS LIKE! Ok?

    Loved it!! That kid was absolute love. And the dancers and the colors and song! So artsy~

    • amy says:

      @ROXY, I hate that one has to make the impossible to find music like this. I think I might quit browsing music websites, and just focus on design websites who like music. LOL

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