Trouble Maker – Trouble Maker

As of late, I haven’t been that excited about Kpop. I think dear Jason from sums it up real nicely in his latest article about how Kpop lowered his music standards.

I agree with him. To be quite honest, Kpop has been sucking a whole lot lately. For the past two years, mainstream Kpop has been all about producing artists that will generate money, regardless of the vocal talent.

But then, something like this comes along and it gives me hope that all is not lost.

Funny thing is that I, first, detest BEAST, and second, am not that fond of Hyuna. Yet this collaboration works. The music video is great and the song has mad swag. This is the Kpop I feel in love with, just with a whole lot of raunchiness. It’s about time Kpop is taken to that next level, and Trouble Maker just might be the thing that helps push it over that edge. I do hope so.




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  1. Jangta says:

    Ahhh yes, “Troublemaker!” I still remember when this song was playing here in Seoul 24/7. They still do play “Troublemaker” from time to time though. I have to agree that it is a catchy tune, even though, like yourself, I’m not the greatest fan of either singer.

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