To Speak Of Wolves – Je Suis Fini

North Carolina metalcore band To Speak Of Wolves unleashes a music video for their single Je Suis Fini, which shows the first half of a two-part story and their new vocalist, Gage Speas (replacing former lead vocalist Rick Jacobs).

The following press release was also issued along with the video.

“Overtop a soundtrack of darkly melodic rock set off by the frenetic vocals of new frontman Gage Speas, the video for Je Suis Fini is a modern take on Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, in which a patient realizes that what she perceives as reality is far from the truth, and that she must escape her surroundings at any and all costs.”

“We chose to shoot a video for Je Suis Fini because we feel it’s a track that represents the album really well,” explains drummer Phil Chamberlain. “We wanted to give people an honest preview of the record and how it sounds. Plus, it has a lot of energy and we really dig the chorus a lot. Due to scheduling, we ended up having to shoot two videos in one day. On top of that, we were all wearing winter clothes while shooting on a hot day, so we were drenched in sweat trying to get this done!”

Je Suis Fini is the first single from the band’s second album Find Your Worth, Come Home — which will be released on May 22, 2012 via Solid State Records.

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