TINY-G – Miss You MV

I always wondered how long it would take the industry to change TINY-G’s image concept into something that is was not. It wasn’t long. Their last single titled MINIMANIMO [MV] wasn’t exactly b-boy inspired (like their concept was supposed to be), but at least it had some foot work and some cute pump into it. However, I always read comments of people complaining about the girls’ baggy clothing style and boots… as if there weren’t enough cute-concept girl groups in South Korea already.

Now that they’re back with Miss You (보고파), with a slightly cutesy sexy dark petite image makeover, it seems like dance talent like Mint’s b-boy style [1][i mean what happened to thissss?] is being wasted, as the girls give tiny steps swinging their shoulders and hips in high heels (hot pants and knee-length  socks) as they raise their “paws” and tell us how they’ve missed us.

PLEASE! TINY-G was better than that.

As a tiny girl that wears baggy clothes, I’m a little disappointed.

But I guess I’m in the minority against all of you girly girl loving people.


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