The Super Orchestra – Jealous

New artist alert! All the way from the previous chilly Sweden (finally the winter is over!), I bring you The Super Orchestra. This duo makes music that I want to call indie, but it’s far more than that. For now, all I know is that this video of theirs popped up on my Facebook timeline and I really liked it.

Information about this duo is a bit scarse, something I hope to terminate come Monday when I shall meet them for an interview.

What I really like about this single is that it’s part of 100Songs — a new label that aims to share music in a new way: by strictly releasing singles. An interesting outtake to the world of music if you ask me. I am going to investigate this further as I shall try and talk to the people behind the label.

The Great Orchestra does have an album out. Start Over is available on iTunes and Spotify.


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