The Drifters – Can Understand the Pain

Debuting last year with their self-titled album, The Drifters (浪花兄弟) is a Taiwanese pop rock duo formed by Darren (邱凱偉) and Yannick (常青), who were signed to JVR Music, a company founded by Jay Chou.

The music video for the single Can Understand the Pain (痛了才懂) was directed by COSMOS and the song was penned and produced by Cindy Yen (袁詠琳), who is also signed under JVR Music. The single is included on the JVR All Star The Crew Memorial Compilation (杰威爾群星The Crew紀念合輯), released on June 7th, which includes songs by all JVR artists — including NBA star Kobe Bryant in a song with Jay Chou.

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