tfvsjs – Zik + Battle from the Bottom

The Hong Kong instrumental five-piece band, tfvsjs — which stands for Teoi Fai vs. (Z)Jing San (頹廢 vs. 精神) or “Decadence vs. Vigor/Vitality” — have just released Zik (殖, the character read with the jyutping “Zik,” which stands for “growing, to reproduce and prosper“) and Battle from the Bottom, the first singles of their second studio album titled Zoi (在, which stands for “existing, being somewhere or doing something“), which was released on July 15th [Bandcamp].

The video was directed by Milk Tsang.

Actresses: Rita Chan, Kelly Chung
Actors: Chow Wai Chuen, Jeff Yau

Assistant Director: Dora Luk
Art Directing: Savannah Sam
Lighting Design: Saito Chong
Lighting Assistant: Brian Fung
Set Design: Tong Sin Chun
Costume Design: Shane Sys Ho
Makeup Artist: Janae Cheung

Special Thanks to Swing Ho, Lee Chung Hei

There will be an event to present the album, held at Music Zone @ E-max, KITEC in Kowloon (Hong Kong) on August 31st at 8PM (doors open at 7.30PM). Tickets will be sold at:

  • $200HKD (Advance Ticket) *
  • $210HKD (Online Ticket) **
  • $250HKD (Walk-In ticket)

More info at the website, and Facebook Event Page.

You can follow tfvsjs’ activities on Facebook, YouTube and Bandcamp.

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  1. December 11, 2016

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