TaeYeon – Bye (Mr. GO OST)

Since my trip to Taiwan [1] and seeing TaeYeon hosting so many variety shows, I unwillingly succumbed to learning her name, and caring… just a tiny bit about Girls’ Generation, to whom I still prefer to refer to as SNSD. But other than TaeYeon and Yoona, I still don’t know all their names and can’t really pin any of the other names to faces… yet.

But damn, TaeYeon is pretty funny.

Anyway, SM Entertainment has uploaded this to their account, a song titled Bye sung by TaeYeon, whom… I guess is considered the best vocalist in the group? Anyway, the song is the theme for the South Korean and China co-production film titled Mr. Go, which stars Chinese child star Jiao Xu (who killed it in Starry Starry Night not long ago) as Wei Wei, a girl who loses her grandfather in the Great Sichuan Earthquake of 2008 and gives into the idea of signing her circus bat-swinging gorilla Ling Ling to play in the Korean Baseball League to pay his debts.

The clip below has, I guess, a LOT of sad spoilers.

Jiao Xu also surprised a lot playing a little boy in the Stephen Chow movie CJ7.

Other stars making cameos in the film (according to IMDb and AsianWiki) are Kim Jung Tae and Odagiri Joe.

Mr. Go is the first South Korean film to ever be shot in 3D technology (with the current technology, anyway), and it’s based on the comic 7th Baseball Club by Huh Young-man.

Also, China and South Korea have signed a co-production treaty for film production. I don’t know why more people aren’t as buzzy with those news, considering the amount of films coming out from both countries. So you can all expect a lot more projects like Mr. Go in the future, which cost about $20M USD to make… which is a LOT. That’s how much it usually costs to make a big production over there, so people are expecting Mr. Go to be good business.

I wonder how it will do.


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