T-ara – Sexy Love (Drama Version)

Kpop churning new songs, minis and albums like there’s no tomorrow.

Just two months ago, Korean girl group T-ara began promoting with the single Day by Day [MV], with a sort of massive music-vid-turned-short directed by Cha Eun-taek to promote the release of their 6-track mini-album of the same name.

Apparently, they’ve been working towards [after a bunch of controversies, which I won’t talk about] the release of Mirage, a mini-album set for release this month after being delayed. The group has launched a bunch of music videos to promote it… the Dance Version of Sexy Love [MV] — with an intro that took me back to my NSYNC It’s Gonna Be Me [MV] days — another one for Day and Night [MV], and finally this “drama version” of Sexy Love, which is the continuation of Day by Day.

I also suggest you watch Day by Day before watching this one.

Also directed by Chan Eun-taek, because… come on, it’s a sequel, Sexy Love picks up where we left off~ Hot-pink-wigged Hyomin awakens after her blind pal — somehow all grown up into member Ham Eun-jeong — is taken by a cold, manipulative and blonde Park Ji-yeon. Tensions rise, trust is lost and blades are taken out for a final battle with a tragic ending.

I kinda liked the whole concept of it all, even though Sexy Love is used as background music and when it starts (at the five minute mark) it takes away any mood that had been built up from Day by Day. Then again, that’s the only track I liked from that mini.

Anyway, enjoy the video.

I really think that they improved their blade combat skills (or had better editing xD) from the previous video, and it becomes interesting to watch despite some of the acting inconsistencies.

Still… it’s a very commendable effort from the group.


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  1. ghost says:

    Currently working on the list of Top MV highlights this year. Looks like an average MV year, we’ll have to see how it develops later…

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