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Well, what’s Amy to say about T-ara?

I literally know nothing about the group… except that two of the members have been part of Dream High and Dream High 2. However, being a good editor, tonight I decided to click on every single new link on my stream. I was already a little bit intrigued with this nearly 16-minute music video from its running time.

How was it? Actually, it wasn’t half bad. I even kinda liked the instrumentalization on the first four minutes of the video. I hope that’s the original track on the single, instead of the last few minutes.

Apparently the group is introducing two new members. I’m not sure who they are… In any case, the group is paving the way to their comeback, and they’re showcasing a new sound. The song was co-composed by Cho Young-Soo and Kim Tae-Hyun, with the lyrics written by Ahn Young-Min, while the rap had creative input by Hwayoung. — Well, thank you, LOENENT, for putting that up in English.

The music video was directed by Cha Eun Taek, and it’s set in a post-apocalyptic world with T-ara member Ji-yeon in search of a blind girl safe-guarded by member Hyomin in hot pink wig. Loads of fighting and loads of killings going on for about 10 minutes, when the video is cut with a “to be continued…” — talk about interruptions. The whole concept of the video is apparently set for a 20-minute short.

The last five minutes of the video is behind the scenes footage of the girls and crew working on the fighting choreography and getting some bloody noses. Kudos for the efforts, even though I thought they lacked a little bit of UMPH and drama.


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  1. ghost says:

    Did you listened to their mini, then?

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