Super Junior – Mamacita MV

I’m not a very big fan of SuJu, I missed the concert when they were in town… mainly because I felt the tickets I would’ve spent on would’ve served better for people that actually wanted to go. No?

Anyway, the title of Mamacita is total Latino-baiting, RIGHT? I get the same feeling when it was announced back in 2007 that Avril Lavigne was going to sing in Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, etc. just to have her singing “Hey, hey, tú, tú, odio a tu novia” in the chorus.

Here’s the western-inspired clip~

While Mamacita (Ayaya) is total Latino-bate, the video -in charge of the awesome Zany Bros team- has a lot more Spanish elements to it than Latino ones, from the torero-inspired outfits and the actual bullfighter in Eunhyuk to the couple of bailador-inspired steps in the choreography. But I kinda love SM describes the track as:

The title song ‘MAMACITA(AYAYA)‘ is an Urban New Jack Swing genre song, with drum sound based on rhythmical Indian Percussion and piano melody.

It looks like a description I would come up with. SM crack knows about the masala of life. Kpop and Bollywood are really made for each other. And to tie that in… Siwon’s eyebrow is totally working the Madhuri eyebrow-action [1].


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