Sunny Hill – Princess and Prince Charming

Co-ed group Sunny Hill, reorganized as a four-girl member group after male member Jang Hyun was drafted into the military, sets their latest single loose titled Princess and Prince Charming (백마는 오고 있는가) — also known as Is the White Horse Coming? — written by  lyricist Kim Eana and produced by Lee Min Soo.

Nobody can tell me who directed this?

The song revolves around the idea of how many women grow up thinking of a Prince Charming, who’s supposed to arrive and sweep them off their feet — think Disney, telenovelas, and one of the latest (and most stupidest) Sapolio commercials — and criticizes that very same idea, as well as women who would choose men superficially.

To be brutally honest here, I like the concept — I REALLY DO. I also like the instrumentalization, and I do think the song really kicks in two thirds into it. However, I’m a little disappointed with the video. I know they’re probably trying to be ironic, considering how visual the idea of “fairy tale land” and the concepts of princesses and princes charming are. Then again, maybe my brain is playing tricks on me and wanting Tarsem Singh visuals where there are none.


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